Top five benefits of using iRIS

The iRIS Simulation Authoring Platform for Healthcare was developed with simulation teams in mind.

We have summarised the top five benefits to get you started on more efficient authoring.

iRIS will support you in:

  • ensuring your content is developed in a standardised, high quality manner
  • creating significant efficiencies in terms of the time required for authoring content and collating simulation resources
  • reducing the time and effort required to train colleagues in the authoring of content
  • building engagement with a wider range of clinicians to harness their expertise in developing new content
  • driving the collaboration and sharing of content with other simulation professionals

Authors can collaborate on scenarios together internally, or in partnership with other organisations, without the need to send scenarios and their related resources to each other via email.

iRIS supports the entire simulation team offering benefits for authors, facilitators, simulation technicians and learners that drives operational performance, cost reduction, increased efficiency and continuous improvement.

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